In this Kindle Edition, little-known fourteenth century Muslim leader, Tamerlane (Timur) inspired a vast army of Islamic followers to swarm through central and western Asia in a conquering wave. This account has been captured in the first complete history using narrative form by Roy Stier.

Tamerlane: A Historical Account Of The Ultimate Warrior paints the violent and controversial true story of the swift horseman who threatened much of the Old World, crushing the Ottoman Empire and intimidating kings and emperors. A trail of devastation followed the ruthless conqueror from Delhi to Baghdad, yet incidents of mercy for his enemies revealed a benign side to Tamerlane.

Most people have heard of Alexander The Great (Alexander of Macedonia, 356 B.C.), however, Tamerlane became known as a great conqueror for his shrewdly cunning strategies and for his fearlessness in battle; for his ruthlessness with those who would resist him; and for his mercy to those who would submit and show him honor. At the height of his empire he governed or controlled more land than Chinghis Khan or Khubilay Khan. The scholar Clements R. Markham says that “Timur was no vulgar conqueror, no ordinary man; his history, as displayed both in his own writings, and in those of his biographers, proves that, if not in his acts, certainly in his thoughts and opinions, he was in advance of his age and country.”

The scourge of his time, he remains today a shadowy figure, a tantalizing enigma only partly understood. History has passed him by without removing the shroud of mystery and intrigue that he left as a legacy.

In the pageantry of rulers, Tamerlane found little recognition from the historians of later centuries. Killer? Demonic? or Charismatic visionary with a flashing sword and a view of the world united under the banner of Islamic purity?

Is there a message for moderns in the story of the military genius who scythed his way through a sizable part of the known world? The readers of this book think so.

There are 9 color illustrations and photographs
28 newly developed maps of the ancient world circa 1300 A.D.
Complete references for researchers
Glossary of terms
Four appendices
A complete chronology of events

Perfect reference for historians and seekers alike. Roy Stier has uncovered the hidden exploits of one of the greatest warriors of human history. This ebook edition is perfect for most mobile devices and tablets, including iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle, most smart phones, most tablets, PC and Mac computers with free readers.