The Story of Timeless Voyager

From the beginning to now

Our Mission

Timeless Voyager Press was created to provide a voice for unknown authors who were pioneers in the New Age and for authors whose voice was being highly edited by large corporate publishers. Many times hiding or skewing their information because of a lack of knowledge about the controversial subjects that have now become the main stream of the 21st century.

The Start – Timeless Voyager Radio

In the summer of 1987, Bruce Stephen Holms launched Timeless Voyager Radio on college radio station KCSB (University of California Santa Barbara) much to the amazement of the student body. The program was one of the first of its kind exploring the topics of UFOs, ETs, Alternative and Natural Health, Channeling, Psychic Phenomena, Cryptozoology (Bigfoot), New Science, Religio-Political, and the quest for enlightenment in a time slot usually reserved for morning news.

Shows like Timeless Voyager Radio were usually broadcast in the late night hours but Bruce felt it was time to take a risk and see how this innovative program would do at 9 AM. KCSB, 91.9 FM was the perfect station to carry the show since the majority of students would not be back in class until fall.

The radio program was welcomed with little fan fare because in those days, pre-Internet, it was not easy to promote such a strange genre. And yet, much to the chagrin of the general Santa Barbara population (the FM signal could be heard from Ventura to San Luis Obispo – approximately 100 miles), it caught fire and became an overnight success literally changing the morning show demographic from silly “shock-jock” formats to this New Age weirdness that could never be main stream. Or so the “powers that be” had alleged.

By 1990 (after becoming too large for the college station to handle), Bruce signed a deal to upload the program from his converted home music recording studio to satellite uplink (one of the first of its kind) via “Switch 56” telephone lines directly to Clear Water, FL syndicating to over 100 radio stations across the US.

In 1994, the program with over 250 digitally taped interviews with the likes of Deepak Chopra, Kevin Ryerson, Dennis Adams, Pam Oslie, and too many others to mention was being broadcast over short wave radio around the world and in major markets like Los Angeles and New York. All while the Internet was still in its infancy.

The Transition to Book Publisher

In 1998 Bruce decided to become a book publisher in order to introduce the world to a new type of author – those who write their information in their own style without the usual strict publisher/author guidelines.  His publishing experiment was Timeless Voyager Press.

From the start, he signed a little known author, C.L. Turnage to a four book deal and then formatted, edited, and created the cover art using Photoshop. The first book, The Holy Bible Is an Extraterrestrial Transmission became a cult favorite exploring the Planet Nibiru phenomena almost 20 years before the recent acceptance of the possible planet X theories so prevalent today.

With each new author another genre was added to the micro-publisher’s catalogue, it grew to nearly 35 books. In 2002 Timeless Voyager Press made the move to Print On Demand moving from the old business model of printing books in large quantity to the newer digital printing on demand model. At the same time Bruce cut a deal with Book Surge – which later became CreateSpace – part of the goliath, This insured a rapid expansion of the TVP book distribution world-wide.

In 2007 Bruce began making digital versions of each book. He finally inked a deal with Kindle making all of the books available for distribution anywhere in the world without the usual shipping /tariffs that made it almost impossible for people outside the US to read books from small micro publishers.

Final Step – Becoming an Author

After developing and publishing many struggling authors, Bruce decided to write his own book, Beating Diabetes. It was a simple, small book about his struggle with the disease and his final successful fight to cure himself of Type 2 diabetes an “incurable disease.”

First published in 2014, it has remained a very easy-to-read, step-by-step book that explains how anyone with Type 2 diabetes can fight this challenging disease, regain their health, and eventually eliminate expensive drug therapies. People who have read the book and put the important lifestyle changes into practice have learned how to regain their heath and literally live diabetes free without medications.