It’s so small that it fits in your pocket – yet this patent pending utility minibook has inspired thousands of people! The Oracle Book (ISBN: 18962264099) When we open our minds and ask for guidance, we allow assistance to come through The Oracle Book.
The Oracle Book gives us guidance by way of quotes complied by Adam Holms. The quotes come from spiritual masters, religious texts, poets, writers, and artists. The book’s mystery continues because it only has a front cover.
No matter how you turn the book, only the front cover remains. To achieve guidance, you simply ask a question and start turning the book around and around while thinking of what assistance you require; then when you feel the time is right, stop and open the book to the page that is offered by the book.
Ponder and reflect on this quote throughout the day to gain guidance and understanding. Sources include: Albert Einstein, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, The Bhagavad Gita, Tao Lao Tsu Te Ching, The Upanishads, The Holy Bible- King James Version, The Dhammapada, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Confucius, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, Horace, Hanoochi, and many more sources. There are 166 quotes in the 3” X 3.5”

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