Contact With Beings of Light is truly an amazing tale of Dorothy Wilkinson-Izatt. Using an ordinary Super-8 movie camera she filmed hundreds of sequences of unexplained, yet authenticated, pictures of UFO’s, ETs, and anomalies.
Dorothy Izatt is without peer anywhere on record in the world, even when compared to today’s tabloid media with its endless loops of bizarre video footage from various places and people. Aside from the fact that electronically simulated video images aren’t as yielding to analysis as the images in film photography, the obvious difference is that the footage derives from multiple sources.
With Dorothy we have a credible, trustworthy, prolific source in one location – or in any location anywhere she chooses – willing to demonstrate the process for an observer.
The author, Peter Guttilla spent years sifting through photographs, movies, and taped interviews with Dorothy to produce an exceptional glimpse into her life’s work.
This new version of the book is completely reformatted for the Kindle, iPad, iPhone, most Android Smart Phones, Tablets, Mobile Devices, Mac or PC. All of the pictures from the original b/w hard copy have been digitally restored to their original color formats.
Possibly the best version of this landmark book ever.