9 Fantasy Tales of Other Worlds is a look back at the telling of strange stories in vintage 1950’s sic-fi/thriller style.
Monsters, said some who saw Raymond Bayless’s illustrations for the works of sci-fi great H.P. Lovecraft. Drooling, oozing, tentacled and wild-eyed, they crawled from the page and into the mind of the reader. The stuff of which nightmares are made.
Monsters, indeed, but dearly loved by their creator, Raymond Bayless. Millions of others who adore a good scare along with full color futuristic paintings and b/w pencil drawings by one of the artistic masters of our time are treated to nine stories that he wrote while still a young artist. None published until after his untimely passing, the stories are a verbal expression of the visions that drove Raymond Bayless to paint, to express the things that he saw, not with his eyes, but with his mind.

The paranormal, science, the real and the imaginary all mingled on one palette, to be applied with smooth, subtle strokes, just as he applied color to canvas. These nine stories were compiled by his wife, Marjorie from the original “typed” pages and carefully scanned and digitized for publishing by publisher, Bruce Stephen Holms, Timeless Voyager Press. Along with the careful editing of Dorothy Shapiro, a close friend of the Bayless’s, the stories were first published in hard copy in 2006.

Each short story is a unique sic-fi/fantasty/thriller that will catch you off – no matter how ready you think you are for the strange climax. And like his paintings, these tales will embed themselves in your being, resurfacing from time to time to send a shiver down your spine.

Included as requested by Raymond’s wife, Marjorie are full color paintings and two pen drawings at the beginning of each story that capture the essence of each adventure.