84#100 The Allagash Abduction Case (4 men were abducted by Extraterrestrial Beings while boating)

#102 Surprised by Grace — The revelation that the searcher (Amber) was an illusion.

#103 Zecharia Sitchin circa 1990 interview includes: The Annunaki, Planet Nibiru, Creation of humans, and more.

#104 Behold a Pale Horse — William (Bill) Cooper — Secret Government Files (Conspiracy)

#105 Cathy Norland – Psychic Astrologer explains the science of Astrology, planetary aspects, natal chart and much more.

#106 An Alien Harvest – Linda Moulton Howe documents animal mutilations, ET human abductions, and much more.

#107 What are “Elementals” (Gnomes, Sylphs, Fairies, Nymphs) — what do they do – why do they exist?

#108 Author, Pamala Oslie — “Life Colors” and “Make Your Dreams Come True” discusses Belief Systems — How they can help or hinder your goals.

#109 Dale Pond — the incredible work of John Keely — Sympathetic Vibratory Physics wherein we can now know how Mind works in and through Matter to create our life experiences as well as engineering world changing technologies.

#110 Trevor M Cook is a Homeopathic Doctor, author, speaker who worked in the pharmaceutical industry before devoting his life to homeopathy.

#111 John Thomas — Young Again, How To Reverse The Aging Process.

#112 Tom Van Flandern – Dark Matter, Missing Planets, New Comets how he became increasingly dissatisfied with mainstream views of science by the early 1980s

#113The Goddess Irena 1… questions regarding how she got her name, where the Guardians are located, what she means by the term “pacify”, what the purpose of life is, and so much more.

#114Jordan Maxwell — Religio-Political Philosophy

#115Frank Dorland — The Crystal Skull and much more…

#116OBE (Out Of Body Experience) pioneer, Robert A. Monroe

#117Al Bielek – The Philadelphia Experiment, The Montauk Project, The Phoenix Project, and more…

#118Chuck Hillig — You Are Who You Are Looking For

#119David Heerman — Tingle Fields — Unknown force fields (malevolent entities) that attach to humans.

#120Aliana Skurlock compiled and edited “Awakening A Child From Within” – Course In Miracles, conscious conception, protecting innocence, spiritual awakening and more.

#121Michael Lindemann — The Alien Presence — Would the government want us to know about space aliens?

#122Alex Collier — possible manipulation of time that may have occurred 1931 – 1947

#123Alex Collier — Interview #2 1994

#124John A. Thomas–explores the incredible work of John R. R. Searl’s FREE ENERGY devices.

#125Colin Andrews — Are Crop Circles trying to tell us something about the condition of the planet?

#126Dr. Arthur Melville — Beliefs are learned and are not necessarily “truth”.

#127Dr. Russell Blaylock — The Taste That Kills — Excitotoxins (MSG, aspartame, Splenda (sucralose) and more)

#128Richard C. Hoagland — Is NASA part of a “coverup” to keep the American people from seeing the evidence of life on mars?

#129Rev. Elizabeth Anilda — Angelic Beings, Messages from Mother Mary, the many Astral Planes, the chakras, the ascended masters, more…

#130ZechariaSitchin — Third appearance on Timeless Voyager — Annunaki, Stonehedge, Crop Circles, the apparent difference between the Sumerian story of the Creation of mankind, a breathtaking look at time, and more.

#131Robert Shapiro — Trance Channel — channels, Zoosh (pronounced Zōsh) answering questions from host, Bruce Stephen Holms from LIVE interview (circa 1994).

#132Benjamin Creme — The Great Avatar, Maitreya — “Awaited One”: the Christ to the Christians, the Imam Mahdi to the Muslims, the Messiah for Jews, and the 5th Buddha (Maitreya) for Buddhists.

#134Michael Lindemann — The Alien Presence — Would the government want us to know about space aliens?

#133Wendy Ollis — Is it possible to improve one’s health using using this pendulum method to establish heathy foods for an individual?

#135Jordan Maxwell — Interview #6 (circa 1995) — Secret Societies, Religion, Politics, Banking, Government, There is no separation between “Church and State”, Symbols and Emblems.

#136Carol Gurney — Animal Communicator — Animal to Human Telepathic Communication

#137David Steinman — Diet For A Poisoned Planet — The book that introduced the concept of Green Patriotism.

#138Dr. Frank E. Stranges — “The Stranger at the Pentagon” — UFOs, Extratrerrestrial, Valient Thor, The possible government coverup, The “Church” coverup of space aliens, and much more.

#139Jean Peterson — Oneness Remembered — Scribe for the  Ashtar Command and Spiritual Master,”LordSananda” who she channels LIVE unexpectedly.

#140Martin Gray — Powerful Sacred Sites That Produce A Personal Awakening — Planetary Acupuncture

#141Author/Psychic, Pamala Oslie — “Life Colors” — Understanding Your Aura and What It reveals About You, Your Job, Your Relationships and more.

#142Bob Fickes — Spiritual Teacher, conscious channel, and representative for the Ascended Masters

#143Barbara Conner — Psychic Detective — Solves crimes and murders – “Sightings”, “Unsolved Mysteries”, Ghosts and more.

#144Yvonne Cole –Fully conscious telepathic receiver for the Ashtar Command an organization of volunteers from all over the galaxy from many planetary systems and intergalactic sources.

#145Deepak Chopra — Vintage interview from 1991 — an in-depth look into the cosmic computer.

#146Linda Smith — Channels the 6th dimensional entity, RA — Be prepared to learn Linda’s experience, first hand information regarding the concept of “Oracle”, and finally a complete channeling of “RA” with Q/A from host, Bruce Stephen Holms.

#147Steve Canada — So you think you know about CROP CIRCLES? Listen to this interview and be prepared to learn.

#148″Father of Ufology”, George Adamski-photos and movies from 1949-1965 NEVER DEBUNKED

#149Ted Ward — Studied a full year with renowned “Course In Miracles” teacher, Tara Singh

#150Dr. Brian O’Leary — Former NASA Astronaut/Scientist discusses NASA’s continued efforts to “minimize” UFO evidence, coverups of FREE ENERGY DEVICES, and more.

#151Dr. John Douillard, author, Body, Mind, and Sport, former professional athlete, globally recognized leader in the fields of natural health, Ayurveda, and sports medicine.

#152C. L. Turnage — What is God’s true extraterrestrial identity?

#153Dr. Alan Snow — Everything you want to know about the Dead Sea Scrolls but were afraid to ask.

#154John M. Fink — From Successful Actor to alternative care activist after losing his young daughter to cancer.

#155Psychic, Mary T. Browne takes the mystery out of death.

#156David Hatcher Childress — Are the 5,000 yr old Vimana Aircraft actually UFOs?

#157Jordan Maxwell — Religio-Political Philosophy — symbology, religion, religious symbols in government, government symbols in religion, and much, much, more!

#158Steven Otero — Channels Ascended Master, SanakaKumara

#159Dennis Adams — Master Healer/Teacher – ability to heal life essence has been scientifically proven in laboratory controlled conditions.

#160Norman Cohan — Discusses the “ancient astronaut” theories derived from the Sumerian Tablets as translated by ZechariaSitchin.

#161Dr. Jonathan Young discusses his association with Joseph Campbell as Campbell archives curator , the role of myth, psychology, and much more.

#162Meryl Squires — The Walk — True story about her 1438 mile journey 14 months after a paralyzing stroke at age 28.

#163Dr. Deepak Chopra — Ageless Body, Timeless Mind.

#164Robert J. Petro — Trans-medium-finds missing children and solves difficult cases since 1973.

#165Iris Clark — 97 year old teacher of groups in Sedona who study The Keys of Enoch by JJ Hurtak

#166Dr. Frank E. Stranges — The Star of Bethlehem was (according to ancient records) probably a UFO!

#167Joel R. Casey — Lightworker, inter-dimensional healer, explains who your guides are and how to contact them.

#168 Full Body Trance Channel, Susan Johanson brings entity, “Phillip” through to answer questions from Host, Bruce Stephen Holms.

#169Charlie Lutes — Interview #1 — One the first people to learn TM directly from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

#170Charlie Lutes — 2nd Timeless Voyager Interview

#171Ed McCabe — Oxygen Therapies have been quietly in use for over 100 years and have CURED most diseases!

#172Bill Cox — Founder of the “Pyramid Guide” explains the history and engineering feats of the Egyptian pyramids and possible 100,000 yr old sphinx

#173Richard Feather Anderson — Geomancy — These practices are the oldest known forms of sacred ecology, environmental psychology, and spiritually-based design.

#174Kevin Ryerson — contemporary channel who became nationally known due to his association with actress Shirley MacLaine.

#175Stan Tenen — MERU Foundation — Ancient Alphabets-origin and nature of the Hebrew alphabet, and the mathematical structure underlying the sequence of letters of the Hebrew text of Genesis.

#176Shaari — “ET Walk-in” — Trilite Seminars

#177Michael Lindemann #3 — Becoming a UFOlogist after being a complete UFO skeptic.

#178Chuck Wintner — What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Cancer

#179Steven Otero — Conscious Channel brings through 16 Masters during 65 min program

#180Nancy Cooke De Herrera — Beyond Gurus

#181 Virginia Essene — New Teachings for an Awakened Humanity

#182 Ute Soltner — Astrologer –“Cosmic Weather Forecaster” – lively interview forecasting Bruce’s future on air.

#183 Agai Akal — Yogic Numerology —

#184 Clark Done — Anthroposophy — Rudolph Steiner, “the Akashic” records, the three aspects of mind, oneness of being, the many incarnations of the earth, re-incarnation, and more from the “Mystery Schools” of Ancient Greece.

#185 Dorothy Done — Animal Activist — The podcast recorded in 1991 and SB-252 Toxicological testing on dogs and cats finally passed in mid 2021.

#186 Swami Atmananda PT. 1 — Kriya Yoga explained in great detail.

#187 Swami Atmananda PT. 2 — Kriya Yoga Demystified

#188 Robert A. Monroe — OBE — Very detailed explanation of Astral Travel and the Hemi-Sync programs offered by the Monroe Institute.

#189 Al Bielek #2 — The Philadelphia Experiment – The Phoenix Project – Info not available before!

#190 Dixie Young — Learning about Essential Oils for health and prosperity.

#191 Bruce Stephen Holms speaks to a gathering of people in Santa Barbara, CA 3/20/1994 — LIFE ETERNAL

#192 John Lee — Men’s Movement pioneer –“The Flying Boy: Healing The Wounded Man”

# 193 Dr. David Orme-Johnson — Research confirms that as few as 8,000 meditators can STOP the WAR between Russia and Ukraine.

#194 Gloria Mills — Conscious Channel for the Ascended Masters who have gone before us in our evolution to enlightenment.

#195 Dr. Tieraona Low Dog — An internationally recognized expert in the fields of herbal medicine.

#196 Helen Gordon — Strange Bible Stories You Never Heard Of.

#197 Beach Boy, Mike Love shares his personal life of over 50 years practicing and teaching the Transcendental Meditation Program

#198 Barry Bedell — Is this book for real? Learn about The Urantia Book which claims that our planet’s name is “URANTIA”.

#199 Peter Close — One of Great Britain’s most gifted and devoted spiritualist mediums talks “shop”!

#200 Manifest joy and bliss in your life

#201 Swami Dayananda Saraswati explains Advaita Vedanta

#202 Randolph Winters — Our ancient ancestors, the Pleiadians, have come from a small cluster of stars called the Pleiades.

#203 Jonathan Robinson — 40 seekers answered 5 questions for creating a deeper experience with God.

#204 Linda Thompson — American Justice Federation, “Waco The Big Lie”.

#205 Barry Bedell #2 interview explains more about the URANTIA BOOK.

#206 Philadelphia Experiment survivor, Al Bielek reveals new details never before disclosed over the airwaves at the time.

#207 The dangers of fluoridation in drinking water.

#208 HariharanandaGiri explains Kriya in great detail.

#209 The dangerous effects of man-made electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation

#210 Letting go of Limiting Beliefs that stand in the way of success.

#211 Channelled Being gives listeners a list of important procedures follow.

#212 Part 1: Egyptologists give their differing perspectives on the age of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

#213 If you found out that your present lover had killed you in 20 previous lifetimes?

#214 PT#2

#215 Former Police Officer/Academy Instructor: Action Plan for Stopping World Government Rule.

#216 DARK Missions: The Secret History of NASA

#217 Australian Trance Channel brings through “ClearWater” an Indian Spiritual Guide.

#218 Covert CIA operations influencing the US political system

#219 Humanity’sExtraterrestrial Origins

#220 “You are what you eat, drink, breathe, think, say and do!”

#221 6 Intelligence Analysts Go AWOL After Receiving Information From Stargate Device

#223 How Humans Responded To Time Travel and More — Montauk Project (1969-1983) — Preston Nichols

#224 The Healing Effects of Colloidal Trace Minerals.

#226 Magno-Therapy (Healing with Magnets) used for hundreds of years to heal disease.

#227 Abducted from their car at night on the 101 FWY in Ventura, CA November 20, 1992.

#228 Urantia Book expert explains part 4: the Life and Teachings of Jesus.

#229 International Tesla Society — dispels untruths regarding Nikola Tesla and his inventions.

#230 The Proven Natural Cure That Medical Science has Never Revealed

#231 Linda Moulton Howe — acclaimed UFO/ET investigative reporter.

#232 Why was Apostle Thomas who wrote what Jesus spoke omitted from the Bible?

#233 Gifted Channel, Dawn Katar brings through a Light Being during live radio interview.

#234 65 short Angel stories in book, “Where Angels Walk”

#235 More than 100 hours of video Pleadian UFO activity 1975-1978 never debunked!

#236 Stroke and Brain Rehabilitation Using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

#237 PART 1 of 2 PART Series with Al Bielek: Much More About The Philadelphia Experiment and The Montauk Project

#238 PART 2 of 2 PART Series with Al Bielek: Much More About The Philadelphia Experiment and The Montauk Project

#239 Politics Devoid Of Ethics Contribute Nothing

#240 Alex Collier — AndromedanContactee Presents Incredible Information Regarding ETs & UFOs

#241 An Extraterrestrial Walk-In Explains The Walk-In Process And More!

#242 Scientology Auditor, Tony Hitchman Explains What Scientology Really Is!

#243 Are These Primitive People “Enlightened Beings”?

#244 MD explains integration of Psychology, Spirituality, Psychedelics, and Medicine

#245 Speaking Your Personal Truth

#246 Can Music Really Heal? Dr. Richard L. Johnson Explains.

#247 CAN TM DECREASE VIOLENT CRIME? Dr. Mike Thompson Has The Facts!

#248 Is The Hollow Earth A Myth?

#249 ET Races, Ashtar Command, the Luciferian Rebellion, Government Cover-ups, Alternative 3

#250 Telepathic Receiver for the Ashtar Command is also a “regular extra” on TV shows!

#251 Part 1 – Katar Demystifies The Methodology of Highest Level Channeling of Ascended Masters and Others.

#252 Part 2 – Katar Demystifies The Methodology of Highest Level Channeling of Ascended Masters and Others.

#253 The Way of the Rainbow Warrioress

#254 Learn To Be Creative When You Need To Be!

#255 From Out of the Blue: A Spiritual Adventure

#256 Shastina Free Bear — Natural Medicine Woman — Talks about Shamanism in very scientific terms.

#257 Who or What are the “Star People”?

#258 KATAR channels Beings from Higher Realms

#259 KATAR channels Divine Ascended Masters, “Tsen Tsing” and “Michael”.

#260 What Is “Conscious Conception”?

#261 Timeless Voyager Series with Alfred LambremontWebre – Ep261 – Time Travel, The Chronogarchy, more.

#262 Store Your DNA and Repair Your Body Parts – Live 400+ Years

#263 Free Energy Machine May Be Self Aware

#264 Elly Molina — Children Who Can Remote View

#265 Top Secret DARPA CIA time travel unit in 1971

#267 Felicity Eliot — Is The World Teacher, Maitreya already here?

#268 Joshua Louis Talks To Spirits – Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Princess Diana…more

#270 Crystalize Your Dreams – How To Manifest with Elly Molina

#271 Shamanic Healing Ceremony Explained By Lindsey Scharmyn

#272 Dr. Jennifer Freed:An astrological map to your soul

#274 Lindsey Scharmyn-UFOs, ETs, Near-Death, personal experience.

#275 Who is Viktor Schauberger?-Water Vortex, levitation, vimana aircraft, ufos, more.

#276 Time Travel, False Flags, AI ETs, DARPA-CIA Chronogarchy, The Chronovisor…more


#278 Have We Found a Way to Connect with the Dead?

#279-Fifty Years of Secret Government Experiments: Time Traveler Andrew D. Basiago Tells All

#280 – “Mind-Blowing Discovery: U.S. Chrononaut Reveals Secret Behind Time Travel”

#281 Unbelievable: How You Can Become Young Again!

#282 Discover How One Small Change Could Transform Your Entire Universe!

#283 Physicists Stunned: Walter Russell’s Shocking Theory on How the Universe Creates Free Energy!

#284 Were The 12 Apostles Women?

#285 Documented UFO/Light Beings On Film — Truly Amazing Images!

#286 Andy De Codes’ Unbelievable UFO Encounters: What Did He See?

#287 NASA’s Dark Secret: U.S. Mars Colonies Revealed

#288 Unravelling the Mystery of Malaysia Flight370, the Antichrist, Clones and Reptilians

#289 Unlocking The Secret to True Enlightenment

#290 Jaw-dropping Historical Facts You Never Heard Of

#292 – “Who Am I?” The shocking real REALITY!

#293-Beyond the Ordinary: Maitreya, Jesus, ETs, UFOs, Dark Matter, more

#294 Mind-Blowing: Man Time Traveled & Teleported to Mars