A space fantasy that will keep you guessing about its final outcome. Set in the not-so-distant future, the “Ezekiel One” story continues as NASA’s super-secret spaceflight to the Dark Star is barely five years into its fifteen year mission when everything begins to go wrong. Tensions between the crew of Ezekiel One and their mysterious mission controller, Etienne Lille, are building, with potentially disastrous consequences.
Meanwhile, on Earth, an unexpected lead brings journalist Bill Bainbridge back into the hunt for the location of the Dark Star – information that will shatter the entire conspiracy. Unknown to him, his actions are being manipulated by a tangled web of Military Intelligence operatives, aided by the enigmatic “Tall Man”, Nathan Keye.
When the Ezekiel One black project runs into serious trouble, a third power emerges, aided by the uncompromising Followers of Horus. For the first time in millennia, humans experience how it feels to become slaves of a god. As Ezekiel One finally approaches the planet Nibiru, the crew members wonder if the situation could possibly get worse.
The second installment of the incredible flight to the planet Nibiru is based on the Sumerian tablets that tell us about the Annunaki who are our progenitors. During the rising interest in scientific investigation of Planet X and its probable return to our solar system after 3500 years, the story gives us a glimpse into the way we may be treated by our “makers”, what they have learned about us, and how we can live together in this very small part of our universe.