What makes BEATING DIABETES: How You Can Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes with the Minimum Use of Medications – a must read, when there are literally hundreds of books about Diabetes available?

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√ Where does glucose come from?
√ Learn why a ZERO CARB diet can prove fatal
√ Is the Pancreas the only insulin producing organ?
√ Why is a non-animal protein diet the best for Diabetes?
√ The 9 most common results of uncontrolled high glucose levels
√ Learn the 7 signs that you may have Type 2 Diabetes

Everything you need to know now is in this book. You can literally read BEATING DIABETES in 30 minutes or less and actually remember what you have read. “I couldn’t believe that I never really understood what Type 2 Diabetes was… until I saw the easy to understand chart in the book. This has been a real awakening for me.” – A. Matthews.

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