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C. L. Turnage researched “firsthand” accounts of sexual contact with extraterrestrials. Amazing information suggests that many ET races are having intimate relations with humans here on earth on a regular basis.
The 21 case studies of ordinary people either abducted and taken onboard alien crafts for sex or forced into copulation with ETs using various sleep induced hypnotic trances here on earth. Mysterious missing fetuses removed from pregnant women with no reasonable explanation are investigated leaving the reader with only one logical conclusion.
Meet courageous individuals who claim to have experienced torrid sexual affairs with “Reptilians”, “Nordics”, and other ET races. Glimpse the technology imparted to us by these innocent earthlings as they visit on-board spaceships.
Explore the author’s theories concerning the illicit rendezvous with humans.
On the surface, this book seems to be a provocative investigation, it opens up the very strong possibility that we (the human race) have long been used to create various extraterrestrial hybrid races without our knowledge and the contactees and abductess have been ignored for far too long.
And finally, a completely new chapter considering the possibility that the Biblical Story of the birth of Jesus was actually a hybrid produced by “ET fertilization”.
While this book may be interesting for most people, be warned that it contains some sexual situations, nudity, and strong religious and scientific implications that will test the belief systems of those who dare to read this book.