Newly edited and completely reformatted for the Kindle, iPad, iPhone, most Android Smart Phones, Tablets, Mobile Devices, Mac or PC. All 66 pictures and illustrations from the original b/w hard copy book have been digitally restored (some have been colorized) and optimized for digital formats (not available in the original hard copy).
“Extraterrestrials Are On The Moon And Mars” (The Photographic Evidence). Another thought provoking book by Turnage reveals shocking new evidence that there have been extraterrestrial civilizations on the moon and Mars in the past.
Aliens continue to operate on both worlds. Fresh discoveries from the author indicate that the builders of interplanetary monuments such as the “FACE ON MARS” and a gigantic “CULT SYMBOL” of the most infamous SUMERIAN deity, EA/ENKI, are none other than the Sumerian deities of ancient Mesopotamia.
The book includes mathematical evidence, geometric designs, NASA photographs (frame numbers) and illustrations supporting this author’s theory.