Spiral To The Sun (1892264064) Messages From The Divine Mother. There is a growing interest in the mother of Jesus. For hundreds of years the Catholic Church has revered Mother Mary as a Saint and has condoned prayers to her. This had created a division in Christianity since Protestants did not believe in the sainthood of Mary.
Now, as we move into the 21st century, Mary is gaining interest from the Protestant Church – and now their is a broader view by both churches as to the importance of Mary. Mother Mary, Blessed Mother of Jesus is making big strides in the Woman’s Movement and stands as a symbol of the woman’s role in religion. Her words are certainly as important as any of the Apostles’ and her wisdom is and always will be immortal.
The book is divided into the four seasons, Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer – with easy to see tabs on the page edges. There is a color vibration or energy ray associated with the various messages and an explanation for readers to “empty out” with the Violet Ray of Transmutation before reading in order to fill up with the appropriate color indicated. Spiral To The Sun, Messages From The Divine Mother, contains 208 pages of channelings, messages, and chakra clearing.


This amazing book also contains 4 new artistic gray scale paintings by Vikki Reed and Cover Painting by artist, Celaya Winkler.