The Bigfoot Files, ebook edition. Because of growing interest in the subject of Bigfoot, author, Peter Guttilla, has assembled the most complete information guide on the oldest living hominid available today.
Perfect reference for serious investigators, cryptozoologists, and seekers alike. This ebook edition is perfect for most mobile devices and tablets, including iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle, most smart phones, most tablets, PC and Mac computers with free readers.
“Based on appearances, Bigfoot is (seems) primitive, but merely to look uncivilized is no proof of anything. There are many examples of aboriginal human beings – even a few inordinately hairy ones – that live naked and under crude conditions, but this doesn’t make them less human. If Bigfoot is more man or manlike than beast, with superior size and strength, survival wouldn’t be a problem, and an intelligent being needn’t understand the pulley and wheel to survive. The creatures are diffident, so are many human beings; they’re nomadic and live off the land, and so it is with communities of humans throughout the world…What we need now are fewer disputes over degrees of proof, less energy wasted on building a prima facie case for Bigfoot, and more effort to engage in fully inclusive, unbiased investigations of individual instances – investigations that take into account all the data, whether or not it conforms to theories or beliefs.”
“It’s a hoax.” He knew nothing about the report and had no interest in it. In his mind, according to the accepted model of foot and bone structure, it was a foregone conclusion that “the animal couldn’t be that big because no foot could carry that kind of weight.”
The Big Foot Files contains pages of case studies, first hand reports, and previously unpublished articles.
This incredible ebook also contains 42 restored and enhanced photographs, and color artistic renderings not available in the hard copy.