War In Heaven: The Case For A Solar System War.
After studying over 300 translations of the Ancient Mesopotamian,Vedic Scriptures, and Biblical references, C. L. Turnage has uncovered incredible evidence of a real-life “Star Wars” which will begin during our life time.
War In Heaven is a must read for anyone concerned with an alternative historical picture of humankind”s ancient history and possible future according to ancient texts.
This second book in a series of two (The Holy Bible Is An Extraterrestrial Transmission) presents a variety of evidence that there may have been a frightening solar system war at least 2,000 years ago. Photographs of crater anomalies taken by NASA probes seem to indicate that craters on the moon and Mars are not randomly placed, as would be expected from natural causes.
Space probes, as well as evidence brought back by Apollo astronauts, verify the use of nuclear weapons on the surface of the moon.
According to archaic and modern sources, this ultimate war is not over! Find out what will happen when the planet, Nibiru once again reaches the asteroid belt during the biblical “DAY OF THE LORD”.
Learn who the leader of the Serpent Faction is. Explore why the Nibirian Physiology is connected to the orbit of the Planet Nibiru and understand the “END TIMES”.
There are 25 illustrations and photographs – all completely developed for this digital version of the book. Some are in full color. Color not available in hard copy.